Sunday, 11 January 2009

Celebrity Liason

Dear readers,

The horrors in Gaza continue to disturb me deeply - how can this be allowed to happen?

Certainly helps one to get a grip on one's own life - such as a recent episode in which I was invited by a well-known fairly high-profile politician (well he likes to think this ) to an evening out in London ; I saw it as an opportunity to chat & get to know what seemed like an interesting guy- how wrong was I & how cold he became when he realised that I had no interest or ulterior motives for an agenda in which I might possibly be so in awe of him that my lead to my being more interested than he would have hoped ; the liaison therefore ended in him ignoring me for several days after our meeting , then a brief and polite communication from me resulting in him (having been intensely texting me for days prior to our meeting ) asking me who I was & then informing me that I had an attitude problem !!

Fortunately, many already see this shady character for what he is , a rather bullying , angry , arrogant and cold individual who does not like rejection or anyone getting the upper hand and who has found a certain (currently very topical ) niche market in the media and political circles to exploit .

More later.


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