Friday, 5 December 2008

Fly me to the moon

Ola !

So Lady Ellipsis in all her 5.7" , 8.5 stone glory donned glamorously in Pri-maani rocked up at Gatwick North long-stay in her Jaguar to board her first ever Orange Eye to sunny Spain. Only panic being a 40-minute delay joining the M25 from the M26, luckily being the ever-organised Virgo (with Aries rising she’ll have you know) gave herself a 2-hour drive time rather than the usual 45 minutes.

Departing from Gatwick North terminal on the morning of the 1st of December proved to be quite a surprisingly pleasant experience! Check-in being relatively straightforward apart from the confiscation of a bottle of well-known energy sports drink at security.

All staff at the terminal were efficient helpful and friendly, down to the awfully nice chap at *Bucks who supplied me with a free skinny latte owing to them not having my choice of a tall wet latte made from whole (fat) milk -it was actually rather nice considering not my usual choice.

Boarding the 10.50am flight, fellow passengers were terribly interesting and friendly, many of whom appeared to be well-to-do sophisticated travellers going out for short retirement breaks, golfing holidays etc; the two nice people, husband/wife seated next to me were retired TV directors from Fulham and very interesting they were too !

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